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    Rin and Zane. Two souls stained by a war fueled by ideals.

    They awaken, reborn in a world both wondrous and dreadful, their past a hazy dream.

    Together, they embark on a harrowing journey, forging a fragile bond amidst constant peril. This world whispers of forgotten paths and hidden truths.

    Will their bond defy fate? Or will they succumb to the darkness that permeates these lands?

    The path is fraught with sacrifice. Laughter and joy are fleeting whispers in the wind. Many paths lead only to sorrow, but one, a single thread, might lead to a bittersweet reunion.

    The choice is yours. Will you rewrite fate, or become its pawn?


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    Story Developer

    Message From Sabre: Working on this project and with our team has a true dream come true for me and to see such a project take off would be enough to make me die on the spot. But all joking about my desires aside, working with a team that is so diverse in creative scope and abilities has really shown me how these diverse abilities can shine through our characters and the aspects of the world itself. I truly cannot wait to see what you all think about this project and hope you guys like it enough to send us to the next stage of development.

    Message From Dice (aka Random Guy): Personally, I find the charm of this project to be crafting a world and story that’ll last for ages, although whether or not that will actually happen will be up to our audience. I abhor anything without a creative soul; manufactured from a template, and adore anything born with their creator’s personal touches, and I really do wish for more companies to encourage that. Anyhow, enough of my own philosophies. I wish us all a pleasant and fruitful cooperation; may this ship set sail.

    Message From Tyler: We understand the limitations of an indie game company. But with the fact that we will stand out to many studios. My dedication to my team and game is absolute. I will work hard to achieve the game I always wanted to create, even if I have to fill in the empty roles of the development team. It will be a long time before we see this game on the market, but that will only make the game features more sophisticated and unique.


    Story Leader