April 4, 2023

Story Preview #1

The more the story was written, the more complications arose. One detail about the game’s lore opens a more significant meaning to itself, almost like an endless loop of hows and whys.
February 14, 2023

Welcoming OptiTrack & Rokoko To Our Animation Crew

In Japan, we are excited that today, we’ve received a box full of goodies; opening the OptiTrack package made me feel like a kid opening his […]

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Jacob Charles

Take a look inside the mind of our creators and the hardships of creating our story.
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    Rin and Zane both simultaneously die in a very tragic way during the horrific bloodstained war between rival countries.
    At the same time, they are stuck in what seems to be a lonely world.
    For a very long time until both of them synchronize their thoughts and say,
    "Who are you?" to each other before ultimately being reincarnated.
    Rin or Zane find themselves in a downright different multiverse, with no memories of their past.

    They embark on an adventure in this horrific world with constant danger.
    Ultimately, you are to reach a good ending in which Rin and Zane meet.
    However, many different routes in the game do not lead to the true end.
    Some lead to a highly terrible ending or a different path.

    This game is dark, with a good ending but at the cost of suffering. Players will be able to
    experience the loneliness, frustration, and depression of each character involved.
    Of course, there isn't always such a misfortune. There are times when players can get a good laugh or just a feeling of joy.

    Let's just say, Fate is an unpredictable entity, but will you be able to reunite with Rin or push past your Fate?


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