Help Shape the Future of [Fated Spirits: Anna's Arc]

We've been working hard behind the scenes, and we can't wait to finally share our incredible game with you! Get ready for a thrilling experience – our demo launches early 2024. You'll get exclusive access to photos, videos, and our Kickstarter campaign. But the most exciting part? You'll be able to play the beginning of Anna's Arc and decide if our game is worthy of your support. We're so excited, but we'll need a bit more time to make everything perfect. Stay tuned for updates!
Unfortunately, Zane won't be making an appearance in our upcoming demos. Finding the perfect voice actor to bring him to life is a top priority! We want to ensure every character feels authentic and resonates with players, so we're taking the time to carefully research our options.

A World for Everyone

Our visual novel is specifically designed to be inclusive, featuring features for players with disabilities like deafness and blindness. Our innovative AI helper allows players to customize controls for specific accessibility hardware, ensuring everyone can enjoy the story.
Why Two Versions?: Simple! We want to offer the freedom of choice. Craving an immersive 3D experience? We've got you covered. Prefer a relaxing narrative experience? Dive into the visual novel.


Featured in Quest - On Your Side

The Team That Made It Possible

Our founding team dedicated their time to creating the game without receiving any payment. They were the dream team that everyone wanted.




Story Writer


Game Developer


Story Writer


3D Artist


Character Writer


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Game Developer


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